Beyond Earth Online


Game Story
BEO is set in 2040. The nefarious group called Illuminati took over the world with their agenda in 2030. "The New World Order" as it was called, ushered an alien invasion with the help of a neighboring hidden race. This invasion helped their plan to take over and decimate most of the human race. Five years after the takedown, there were barely any humans left. The few leftover pockets of resistance turned to bioengineering and genetical modifications to continue the fight, but in the end their defeat assured. Once "The New World Order" took over instead of exterminating the remaining humans they decided that with the proper modifications they would make excellent servants. Currently, most humans have been genetically modified for more than a decade through nano-tech and are now almost bionic in nature. Some of these bred humans disconnect from their programming and the hive mind, going rogue.
Core Features
Nothing like the thrill of the fight. From space dog fights to intense all out galactic wars to strategic 1-1 combat, battles can occur anytime and anywhere. You must decide whether to chase down bounties, raid civilian cargo ships, or be a defender of peace. The choice is yours, just be armed.
Our game is free for everyone to play. No wallet required to play our game. Our basic bot is our free character. BEO owns a NFT collection that owners can play the game with and we do offer game integrations for other collections.