BEO $GTT Token
What is the Galactic Travel Token ($GTT)?
The Galactic Travel Token ($GTT) will fuel all experiences in our ever-expanding ecosystem. $GTT is an ERC-20 token built on the Polygon Chain (a Layer-2 scaling solution that drastically improves the functionality of the Ethereum blockchain).
Why $GTT?
We firmly believe that the player's time is valuable and as such must be rewarded. This is done in the form of our $GTT token. As the core currency within the games' ecosystem, $GTT is designed to enrich the Play to Earn loop, which holders can use to craft new NFTs, make in-game purchases and stake for extra rewards. One of the unique aspects of our economy is the Staking Rewards Pool (all NFTs used in the game can be staked to earn passively).
$GTT Objectives
The main goal of $GTT is to instill in the player a sense of True Digital Ownership. By awarding an ERC20 players can easily exchange their tokens for in-game assets or exchange them with other players in a safe and secure way without a middleman. They will own their potentially appreciating in-game assets until they decide to part with them. This means that players spending time and tokens for in-game items will be able to actively work to increase their value.
By granting players ownership of their assets, we allow them to create value for themselves, other players and the Developers bringing into existence a true alignment of incentives. This will in turn create a vibrant economy and an increased demand for $GTT.
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