Beyond Earth Online

BEO Token

Players will be able to earn & spend GOLD in our game. GOLD is an in game currency.
How to get GOLD?
  • $BEO tokens can be swapped for GOLD
  • Earn GOLD by playing the game.
What can I do with GOLD?
  • Purchase mounts, vehicles, walls, foundation, tiles, tvs, furniture, grass, crops, trees, farm animals, pets, resources, teleporter, gathering gun, crafting table, storage chest, etc..
  • Travel to Vega City and transfer your GOLD for $BEO tokens. The BEO bank in Vega CIty will be the only the place for players to trade GOLD for $BEO and the conversion rates will always be changing.
$BEO Token
$BEO is a ERC-20 token that will play a key role on the future development of Beyond Earth Online.
Total Supply 2,000,000,000
$BEO case uses
  • Monthly rent from shop owners
  • Land plots in Vega City
  • Renting Billboards
  • BEO Domains
  • 3D PFP Traits
  • NPCs
  • Character Integrations
  • Planets